Paul Tadlock


Doughboy 1

Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
The University of Texas

As Chairman of the Veterans Committee of the University’s Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium Committee, my committee had the responsibility of designing and memorializing the stadium’s legacy.

The stadium was originally dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1924, at the Texas/A&M football game in  honor of the U.T. students an d faculty killed in WWI. Since that date, the stadium has been enlarged on several occasions, leaving the contractors and dedications of the Veterans Memorial Plaza in 2009 at the northwest corner of the stadium.

Because of the original purpose of the stadium following WWI, it was considered most appropriate to have a Doughboy statue as a symbol. Paul Tadlock had worked with the U.T. Athletic Department on previous projects. It was only natural to select Paul for the Doughboy statue based on his excellent sculptural projects he had done previously.

The installment of the Doughboy at the Veterans Memorial Plaza at U.T. was a wonderful ceremony last fall on campus and a highlight that put the finished touch of excellence on the enlarged and beautiful Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium., The dedication program in 2009 included President of the University Bill Powers, Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds, His Staff, Coaches, the Longhorn Band members of the Veterans Memorial, students, ROTC cadets, and many guests.

The Doughboy has been viewed by thousands of students, visitors, and football fans. The statue will also be enjoyed by thousands of fans on the Jumbotron for years to com.

Thanks and appreciation will always be extended to Paul Tadlock for his great “Doughboy” sculpture.



Frank Denius
Veteran's Committee Chairman
Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium Committee

Doughboy 2